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15.Oct, 2018 0

Hexa Grill Bangle – Get CAD File

Detail of cad file: Bangle size 65mm Gems: 1.5mm contact for more cad file detail. and order file. 

30.Sep, 2018 0

Full Cluster Bracelet – Get CAD File

CAD File Detail: Full cluster bracelet, you can use it as bangle too. I’ll provide you complete report of gems and stones. contact me for its ownership. thanks

28.Sep, 2018 0

Bead Princess Bangle – Get CAD File

Detail of CAD File: Princess: 4 x 8 mm x 8 mm Weight: 26 gram in 14 k Live chat to get its cad file.

25.Sep, 2018 0

Indian Bangle Style : Get CAD File

Detail of Bangle CAD File: size: 65mm Bangle Steps: 5 Get more detail on live chat.

25.Sep, 2018 0

Bead Bangle – Get CAD File

Detail of CAD File: Bead Bangle width: 4mm Size: 65mm can be resized Contact us for modification and download cad file.

25.Sep, 2018 0

Allah Grill Pendant – Download File

contact us to download this Allah Grill Pendant. Details are hidden, we’ll tell you on chat.

25.Sep, 2018 0

Beautiful Diamond Rings Collection – Get CAD File

Detail of diamond rings: Round Square Oval Marquise pear bracket Side Gem size: 1.5mm Each ring weight: 1.45 gram in 14 k Contact us to get cad files.

23.Sep, 2018 0

Lion Bead – Download CAD File

Detail of CAD File: Bead Size: 10mm Type: Bracelet and Bangle Contact for more detail and download

19.Sep, 2018 0

Star Tail Ring: Download CAD File

Ring Weight is :12 gram in 14 k order to get this ring and get information ring size is US 7

16.Sep, 2018 0

Indian Bangle CAD File

6th part of bangle is available.

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