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19.Sep, 2018 0

Star Tail Ring: Download CAD File

Ring Weight is :12 gram in 14 k order to get this ring and get information ring size is US 7

16.Sep, 2018 0

Indian Bangle CAD File

6th part of bangle is available.

16.Sep, 2018 0

Cartier Love Diamond Bracelet CAD File

Detail: size: 42.5/52.5 diamond is: 2mm weight is: 34 gram in 14k contact me for file

13.Sep, 2018 0

Spring ring

Ring Detail: Diamond size: 1.3mm x 5 Weight: 1.39 gram in 14k Turns: 2 Order it to get file

11.Sep, 2018 0

Beads Band

Detail: Beads Band with new style Diamond size: 2mm weight: 1.39 gram 14 k Order now

11.Sep, 2018 0

Different Shank diamond ring

detail: weight: 1.3 gram in 14k diamond: 1.2mm x 5 ring size: 7 US contact to get this file.

9.Sep, 2018 0

Flower diamond Ring

3D CAD File Detail: Gems Detail: 2 , Diamond , Round 2mm 8 , Diamond , Round 1mm 8 , Diamond , Round 1mm 8 , Diamond , Round 1.5mm 3 , Diamond , Round 1.10mm Total Gems: 29 Total Weight: .27ct. Weight: 1.39 gram in 14k Order to get this file

9.Sep, 2018 0

Princess Diamond Ring

Detail of princess ring: Princess: 3mm Gems: 1mm Round x 6 Weight: 1.18 Gram 14k Contact us to get 3d cad file.

5.Sep, 2018 0

New Band Style

Band thickness is 1.5mm. you can contact us for ring size. ring size is : US 8 order this ring.

1.Sep, 2018 0

Diamond Ring

You can contact me for file in good price and also i can do modification. This ring is also available in 6 prongs.

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